Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kissing During World War II

A Wehrmacht soldier lays one on a female Soviet soldier during the joint military parade held in Poland in September, 1939.

This is a collection of photographs of people kissing during World War II. Rather than just have one picture after another of couples parting, couples marrying and so forth, there is a mix of different photographs. The intent is to show the many varieties of kissing during the era, not try to mimic the frequency of any kind of kiss. So, there are some one-off situations and stunts, such as Shirley Temple kissing soldiers for charity, that clearly were not typical.

Anyway, World War II was about a lot more than kissing. On both sides, there was affection and lust and all the usual human emotions. This page displays a wide variety of situation in which kissing occurred.

Betty Grable Kissing
Betty Grable kisses Carl Bell, the one-millionth guest at the Hollywood Canteen.

A Waffen-SS soldier and his bride in 1943.

Shirley Temple Kissing
Actress Shirley Temple kisses soldiers for charity (apparently war bonds) during World War II.

Robert J. Hanson, crew member of the ‘Memphis Belle’ kisses the ground after the 25th mission. Now he can go home.

VJ Day Kissing
VJ Day in London, 1945.

Helferinnen Kissing
I don't have anything on this picture, it appears to be two Luftwaffe Helferinnen.

 Jean Moore kisses her fiancé, wheelchair-bound World War II Veteran Ralph Neppel, 1945. I don't have much about wounded soldiers on this blog yet, a big omission, this is a start. 

London, 1940.

A soldier proposes (note the flowers) and is rewarded.

A couple reunites at a train Station in Connecticut, 1945.

English ATS And Eighth Air Force Sergeant Enjoy A Blissful Kiss in 1945.

Penn Station, April 1943 (Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life Magazine).

A Waffen-SS soldier kisses a Luftwaffe Helferin.

Hitler Kissing
An American woman, Mrs. Carla de Vries of Norwalk, California, reaches over the railing and kisses Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. This picture is a bit unusual because usually it is Hitler doing the kissing - for propaganda purposes.

Marlene Dietrich Kissing
Marlene Dietrich is hoised up to kiss a returning serviceman, 1945.

A resident of Ferrara, Italy kisses a British soldier of the Eighth Army upon liberation.

 An unidentified wedding kiss during World War II.

 A Czech mother kisses a Russian soldier in Prague, Czech Republic on May 5, 1945 upon liberation.

A German prisoner captured in Worms, France kisses his son farewell before being taken to prison camp in the rear.

V J Day in Times Square (Alfred Eisenstaedt).


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  1. This truly was a cool slideshow, that one picture with Hitler getting kissed seems to unexpected. The photo with the German and his kid kissing is full of emotions.